Thanks for partnering with Open3! We’re excited to launch your collection alongside you.
We put together this hub to help guide you as you prepare your assets for our artwork generation algorithm.
Below, you can learn more about Open3 and what we hope to accomplish in the Web3 space.

What is Open3?

Open3 is the premiere platform for free-to-mint NFTs.
We help artists create and launch generative NFT collections that resonate with collectors.
We want to help 10,000 artists make $100k a year, resulting in a $1B impact on cultural production.

What is Open3's mission?

Open3's mission is to build and monetize digital communities of NFT project partners, NFT traders, NFT holders and newbies.
We are trying to make it a little more accessible for artists to control their own destiny. We are building Open3 because we personally want to see 10k artists make $100k a year independent institutional gatekeepers.
We’re trying to figure out all the different ways that artists can expand their practice and make money through NFTS, and then make it accessible and scalable.

What is Open3's business model?

Within our smart contract, we will add a contract address where royalty funds (7.5%) are paid out as soon as the NFTs in your collection are minted.
This same contract address will be used across all marketplaces that allow for royalties to be added. Those funds will flow into a shared wallet, which will be split 50/50 with us.
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