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How to Unhide an NFT

Below, we will teach you how to unhide an NFT on OpenSea using a MetaMask wallet.

What are hidden NFTs?

Hidden NFTs are located in a separate tab in your OpenSea profile. This tab is only visible to you.
OpenSea will automatically "hide" an NFT that has been airdropped, or transferred, to your wallet if they think it is suspicious. However, OpenSea deems all profiles that are not verified (blue checkmark in profile) as suspicious, so many transferred NFTS can end up in the hidden tab.
Think of hidden NFTs as a spam folder in your email. Sometimes, a malicious NFT can be airdropped to you by a stranger and show up in your hidden NFTs.
Please be sure to only unhide NFTs that you trust, or were sent to you by someone you know.
You could put your wallet safety at risk by interacting with malicious hidden NFTs.

Step 1

Navigate to and click on the profile image in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Click MetaMask and enter your password to log in.

Step 2

Navigate to your OpenSea profile. Click the "More" tab, where you will find the "Hidden" button. Click "Hidden."

Step 3

Once you have navigated to the "Hidden" tab in your OpenSea profile, you will see the NFTs that have been airdropped (transferred) to you.

Step 4

Clock on the three dots in the bottom left-hand corner of the NFT you want to unhide. Click "Unhide."

Step 5

Confirm that this is the NFT you want to unhide by clicking "Unhide" in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 6

Your MetaMask browser extension will then appear on your screen, prompting you to sign a message to accept the OpenSea Terms of Service. Please note you will not have to pay gas (transaction fees) for signing this request. Click "Sign."


You have successfully unhidden an NFT! You will now see this NFT beneath the "Collected" tab in your OpenSea profile.